Pilates Studio Reserva Del Higuerón Resort By Begoña Pedraza

Pilates Studio Reserva del Higueron by Begoña Pedraza is a space where Body, mind and spirit find a perfect balance in an incomparable setting.

Whatever your reason for practicing Pilates; spine pathologies, sports injury, joint pain, being in shape etc., you will discover that Pilates is the best Training System to have a better body awareness and control of our body.

Now is your time; let us take care of you …

By Begoña Pedraza


  • Second Generation Teacher Certified by Lolita San Miguel with the PMMP.
  • International Peak Pilates Master Trainer, USA 2005. Teacher trainer level III.
  • Certified by Polestar Education (USA) in Mat and Studio.
  • PMA Certified (CPT) .Peak Trainer. USA 2004.
  • Presenter at PIlates International Congresses.
  • Personal Trainer with 30 years of experience specialized in new training trends and special Populations.
  • Specialized in Spine Pathologies, Seniors and Padel.

What is Pilates?

This technique was developed more than eighty years ago by the German Joseph Humbertus Pilates and consists of a system of movements focused on improving the flexibility and strength of the entire body without increasing its volume. More than a physical training, the Pilates method uses a series of beneficial exercises for the Mind-Body connection. The Pilates method integrates western and eastern techniques and relates the practice of specific exercises connecting with efficient breathing.

Joseph Pilates designed more than 100 exercises to be practiced with a mat (MAT) or with specific devices (REFORMER, CADILLAC, CHAIR, BARREL). All the devices were invented to help or challenge the work of the floor with the mat through springs that offer assistance and resistance at the same time.


• Pilates improves posture and joint mobility, achieving a harmony between body and mind and better body awareness.
• Effective recovery in any spinal pathology.
• Strengthens the deep muscles that support the spine.
• Improves flexibility, balance and alignment of the body.
• Increases concentration and attention, reducing anxiety and stress.
• Tones the abdomen, buttocks and back without increasing muscle volume.
• It improves our respiratory capacity.
• Prevents injuries by improving the sports gesture in professional athletes.

Our Studio

The Pilates Studio is divided into three rooms: Two spacious rooms where we offer groups of maximum 5 people and a Personal Training room with all Pilates equipment.

We have all the Classic Pilates equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel, Spine Corrector as well as small material: Powercircle, Foam Roller, Softball etc.

Classic Pilates is a sequence of exercises originally designed by Joseph Pilates adapting it to the needs of each student.

The groups are organized by levels and Pilates experience, always offering a free assessment class.

Pilates Studio Reserva del Higuerón is directed by Begoña Muñoz Pedraza with 30 years of experience in the Fitness and Pilates sector.

Our Instructors are formed by Peak Pilates (USA), a Classical Pilates Training School with International Certification.


  • Personal training.
  • Pilates Duo.
  • Pilates Machines group max. 5pax (2 times a week).
  • Pilates Machines group max 5pax (3 times a week).


  • Classic Pilates.
  • Pilates and Spinal Pathologies. Sports injuries.
  • Pilates and special populations: Seniors, Osteoporosis etc.
  • Pilates and sports performance: Paddle, Golf etc.
  • Tutoring for Pilates teachers.
  • Official Peak Pilates Training Center in Andalusia.
  • Continuous training seminars.
  • Exclusive events for companies.